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I bought some ugg boots at the soho store for my mother who lives in Florida. My mother sent them back to me as she did not like them. I went to the store with the boots of course and the receipt. I spoke to the manager who said company policy to get a refund the debit card will need to be the same as the one I used when I made the purchase. If the first manager would have said something to the matter, I apologize for the inconvenience but those are the rules instead of raising the voice and give me the whole attitude I am the manager. Anyway, for whoever read my review thanks for reading. Well, This is a really nice store, and has the entire collection ready for you to choose from, but the line is HUGE!!! Everyday the line stretches down the block, as everyone wants a pair. The wait is around 45 minutes, depending on how long the take trying on shoes in the store. There is a fire code, and the building small, so there can only be a certain number of people in at one time. Some people won make up their minds before they come to the store, so they take longer trying on every pair they see, and only buying one pair. I advise you get there early, when it opens, so you size or style does not sell out. This happens every day, and it always the classic tall, short, ect. in sizes 4,5,6,7, in every color. Therefore, It okay to come later in the day if you a man, because men don usually buy uggs. Visited on a late Friday morning in March. I am a size 8 (UK Size) BIG PROBLEM ONE pair left, just one pair in the whole shop, I could not even say if i wanted tall, short, more orders need to be made for bigger sizes, this is a popular shop, all different nationalaties in there, I did want to purchase more but impossible. Nice decor, comfortable sofas, good situation, close to Canal Street, Chinatown Pros: very nice decor, shop in a good situation Cons: not enough stock in my size After scouring the internet for classic tall chocolate uggs, I finally tried locally and found the UGG store in citysearch. I called and the most helpful guy answered the phone and empathized with my story of being swindled by another online UGG retailer. He then shared that they were getting in a new shipment the very next morning, told me they had the boots I wanted and that 10 pairs were coming in the specific size. To top it off he told me they most likely wouldn be on the sales floor until noon so I wasn wasting my time waiting in the morning. After telling me which train to hop on, we hung up and I thought this wasn at all the experience that the other reviews stated! A little skeptical still since my first stroke of bad luck with the Christmas boots for my niece, I tried not to be too excited. I went to the store at 11:40AM today, they opened the doors at 11:45AM and I went up to the first sales guy and asked for pair of tall classic chocolate uggs in a size 7 It sounded similar to the rhyme of rattling off a starbucks order 2 minutes later, I paid for the boots, they shipped them both to California for only $15 and I was on my way in less than 10 minutes! Because the sales guy on the phone gave me the information and advice to buy the boots and everything happened exactly as he said it would, I ended up buying a pair for my sister too with such a pleasant experience. Everyone in the store was smiling and very helpful which was the exact opposite of the what the other reviews stated. This experience made my day and I would go back any day of the week and twice on Sundays!